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It’s been 2 weeks that I took the leap and jumped into a new professional experience, leaving 31 years of a career in the financial sector behind.

Since the official opening on July 27th on„Nathalie’s Day“ a lot happened, and we already received wonderful designer items from Burberry, Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Philipp Plein, Bogner, Sara Paccini …

So many of you have already developed a habit to join us for lunch and a coffee and a stress-free moment with relaxing music. We implemented a suggestion of a visitor on our blackboard at the shop entry and received a VEGGIE-BOWL that responds to the needs of our vegan friends.

You are many, who share your WOW! with your friends and family and send them to Dudelange to have a look. We are extremely grateful for your nice reactions and your help—it is this reaction that gives the project of our heart its foundation.

Visit us in Dudelange and have a look. Every day there is something new. You did not get lucky? Then you might be happy to soothe yourself with a relaxing face mask, a scented candle or another sweet luxury from our organic cosmetic brands Miraki and Malou&Marius.

Forward this Newsletter to all the people who would love to discover—thanks to you—a concept store comparable to those you might know from modern, alternative cities like Antwerp or Scandinavian Cities.

You have this now in Dudelange – isn’t this a good reason to visit this lively city in the south of our country?


Sign in here and stay tuned:

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