A fresh breeze for 2023

Your concept store album Think Twice has now been in Dudelange for 6 months only, and we can already call it a huge success!

  • Over 100 (!!) depositors have filled the boutique with life with their beautiful belongings
  • Many nice people visit us regularly to eat, drink, read, even work, or meet for a relaxed chat with friends … just as we imagined it in our wildest dreams
  • We have made valuable contacts and embarked on collaborations to ensure that your ALBUM continues to grow in both excitement and interest;
  • We have started an ALBUM Club for our most loyal members;
  • We had our first fashion show;
  • And today we are already working on other exciting projects: an ALBUM photo shoot, a reading with Denise Urbany, an art exhibition with Nadine Konsbrück, of course our spring fashion show with Alain, a “Relooking” service and an exciting new trend for which ALBUM even has the exclusivity.

Our golden rule

To keep the boutique neat and tidy, we don’t take on more clothes than we have hangers for. And we don’t trick ourselves by adding more hangers.

In the past 6 months we have been able to present the many nice things of our depositors over and over again, move, recombine and value them and we, indeed, sold many of them. Through this tireless work we now know much better what is in demand in Dudelange and what is not.

The winter sales are in full swing. In this interesting time, many high-quality things get a second chance at an even better price. At the same time, and by the end of January at the latest, we will filter out any items for which—despite price reductions—there is no demand. Accordingly, we ask our depositors of the first hour to gradually collect from us their articles that have not been sold. At the same time, we remind our fashion- and consumption-conscious customers that there is still time to benefit from the interesting discounts before the things are gone for good.

Anyone who has enriched us with their beautiful things between July and October is welcome to contact us, and we will prepare the things we unfortunately now have to let go of. In the next few days, the depositors will receive an email from us as soon as we have finished their „return – bag”. If you are a depositor and would like to collect your belongings a little earlier, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare and organise this properly.

Philip Plein, Essentiel Antwerp, Gucci, Twinset, Kenzo, Burberry, Privatsachen, Rundholz, Maje, Givenchy, Imperial, Red Valentino and – finally – some nice menswear by Boss, Drykorn …

These are just a few labels that are waiting impatiently for their place in the boutique.

Are you a client, depositor, club member or cooperation partner?

Do not hesitate to provide us with your precious Feedback so that we can make a maximum of ALBUM, your place-to-be in Dudelange and our project of the heart. For taking part, we will offer you a Relooking Session of max. one hour for free.

We look forward to your visit and the future adventures with you !

Nathalie and Djamila

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