Album Club

Welcome to the page of the “Sympathie” Club

This club was born out of the idea that there is a special category of people we would like to thank for their valuable support. With their extraordinary commitment, they give us a chance to move ever closer to our dream of a new context based on shared values.

Our members:

  • have integrally adopted the concept of circular economy by being both customer and depositor.
  • contribute significantly to the development of the product line we want to offer.
  • visit us regularly and talk about us a lot: word-of-mouth and referrals are vital for the survival and development of small businesses.
  • like ad share our posts on Facebook and on Instagram and help us to become visible to the world;
  • know and appreciate the difference between the price of an item and its value. They cherish the whole process: from the product itself, the work and effort of the first owner and our daily commitment in the shop. the first buyer who cared for the item to our tireless commitment in the boutique in Dudelange;
  • are always nice, friendly, supportive, open-mided, straightforward and easy-going and they appreciate the networking and chill-out space we created for them.

The Album members are selected by us according to these criteria, individually addressed/addressed and then receive a personalised membership card with special benefits tagged accordingly.

Nathalie, Ema-Djamila

PS: the membership card is strictly personal and non-transferable. It is valid for one year and will be renewed at the end of this period based on the same criteria.