ALBUM – Feel like a model


Turn your fitting into a photo session: have your picture taken in an outfit that looks particularly good on you. Show the world that you are a trendsetter who cleverly combines your love of fashion, aesthetics, quality and originality with your sense of responsible consumption.

Bad Hair Day? No make up? Irrelevant!

Through an app we work with, we can highlight what you like most about yourself and hide what you don’t like about yourself that day. You can even try out whether a different hair colour or haircut would look good on you. Those who do not want to be seen publicly on social media can even remain completely incognito.

See for yourself:

Everything is possible, just talk to us. All you need is a good sense of humour, a desire to try things on and have some fun and a good mood. The rest happens by itself. You can also combine a Relooking Session with a photo session.

Post your picture with your outfit on Instagram/facebook with the hashtag #secondhandisavantgarde and win a gift, a relooking or a 10% discount on your purchase when you buy the outfit.

Here are some pictures of people who have already joined in:

Fancy playing along? Secure your appointment here:

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