“From chaos to calm: How scheduling ahead can save your day (and ours)!”

No chance for chaos (any more)!

ALBUM is much more than just a boutique. It is a well thought-out, authentic concept based on fundamental human values: understanding, helpfulness and solidarity.

We have actually managed to create an environment in which you can feel completely at ease. Genuine well-being for our guests is possible above all when we start with ourselves. We can only convey the positive energy that we carry within ourselves and that requires an absolutely pleasant working environment. The decision to remove all forms of negativity, pressure, and judgement is already bearing fruit. ALBUM is becoming more and more what we wanted it to be (for all of us): a networking place for nice people who come to us to enjoy some time out: meet for a chat with friends (or strangers!), read, drink coffee/tea, eat, relax, laugh, play, shop ….

Of course, mishaps happen with us too

It would be strange if it weren’t so. They usually happen on the basis of two factors: pressure (from within and from outside) and chaos and – as a consequence – suboptimal communication. Misfortunes are actually something positive: they offer the wonderful potential to learn something from them and grow. From these lessons, we have defined the following rules for ALBUM:

  • We always do our best and do not demand perfection from anyone, not even from ourselves.
  • We look out for each other and if something goes wrong, we deal with it with respect, honesty, transparency, understanding, and kindness.
  • We leave out any form of judgement and condemnation, as well as one-sided criticism. In return, we welcome controversial open-hearted discussion; after all, the world is neither black nor white. In the middle there is often a pleasant (pink, not grey) zone where we can all feel comfortable.

These principles apply to everyone who enters this room, and of course we start with ourselves.

Chaos theory

We like to work and we work a lot – but we don’t give chaos a chance (any more). Chaos arises above all when we do not follow our own rules. An example of this is that we only work with appointments for deposits and returns, and this possibility is easy to find on our website (but of course, you can also call us).

In the last few weeks, we were too often flexible in this respect because we didn’t have the heart to send someone home when they spontaneously showed up at our place with their things. We’ll stop that now. We now only work based on appointments so that the items can be properly analysed, the prices researched, labelled and valued in our boutique. Done properly, it involves a lot of work. It can even demand so much concentration that you forget the world around you – maybe even a customer. But we do not want that. There are days in Dudelange when there is less going on and there are days that we definitely cannot spend labelling, researching and analysing. On our website you will find the possibility to make an appointment online, in relation to this reality.

It is a nice feeling when you know that you are expected and then everything goes like clockwork. We don’t want to deprive you of the feeling.

The same applies, of course, to the organisation of returns. In the space available to us to present your things nicely (and also leave them in the back of the reserve if we so decide) we need time and a cool head to find your things and pack them up neatly. We kindly ask you to pick up your items only after we informed you by mail that we have assembled them properly, or fix an appointment so that we have the chance to do so.

Furthermore, we know exactly know what has a chance in Dudelange to be sold and what will be a flop. Moreover, this reality is subject to constant change. ALBUM is a boutique that we want to be neat, tidy, authentic, and agreeable at all times. We avoid duplication with other boutiques in Dudelange to avoid unnecessary competition, and we concentrate on specific styles and labels. If we make an exception, it is for a good reason, and we kindly ask you to trust our judgment.

We heartily thank you for your understanding.

Nathalie & Djamila

General conditions:


For maximum diversity in the shop, the number of articles admitted for an entry date is limited to 10 articles. ALBUM presents the articles in order to facilitate the sale, however, as this is a sale between two private individuals, ALBUM cannot be held responsible in the event of non-conformity. The articles placed on deposit are clean, intact and neat. ALBUM does not repair or clean the items and does not, in principle, take shoes. The articles shall be entrusted to ALBUM for a period extending, as a rule, to a minimum of three and a maximum of six months after deposit in the shop. In order to promote sales, ALBUM reserves the right to adjust the selling price by plus or minus 20% of the fixed amount and to rotate the article in the shop. For more substantial price adjustments, ALBUM will contact the depositor. The split of the sales price is 50:50. The payment of the sold articles will be made either by voucher to Album or by bank transfer, at the latest at the end of the deposit.


The depositor will be informed by e-mail about the preparation of his returns. To make it a pleasant experience, an early return, on the initiative of the depositor, will only be made based on an appointment. Any deposit with ALBUM Think-Twice implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions. We are always delighted to be of a maximum of service, which also requires a certain set of rules that you will find at the beginning of this page.

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