Happy Birthday ALBUM Think Twice !

Already a year has passed since the birth of our baby, ALBUM Think Twice, located in the Center of Dudelange. What an extraordinary year we have had!

We are thrilled to see that our concept is gaining more and more followers, friends, and allies. ALBUM Think Twice is much more than just a shop; it is a comprehensive concept filled with meaning, offering a carefully curated aesthetic and a relaxed atmosphere where nothing is left to chance.

In our store, everything is designed with an eco-responsible and human-focused approach: a meticulous selection of second-hand clothing for fashion enthusiasts who care about their ecological footprint, gift items, body care products, and healthy food offerings. Additionally, we support young designers whose creations align with our concept. The store is exclusively reserved for friendly and kind-hearted people!

ALBUM is much more than just a shop, it’s a place where people feel at home, where you can relax over a delicious dish, a slice of cake, a refreshing drink, a coffee, or a tea. Some have even taken a little nap already! It is also a space conducive to meetings and gatherings, where you can engage with nice people. We also offer free WiFi access, allowing you to work remotely and much more.

ALBUM Think Twice is a concrete example of how the “old” world and the “new” world can coexist harmoniously. Here, you will find classic elements such as postcards, books, candles, human connections, and benevolent conversations that blend seamlessly with our dynamic presence on social media, blog, and email newsletter, offering informative content that encourages reflection and discussion.

Everything is done with great care and attention to detail. Positive energy vibrates at the heart of Dudelange.

We warmly invite you to our store on July 27, 2023, to celebrate our very first anniversary. Join us to share a drink of friendship, enjoy delicious food, and engage in pleasant conversations with friendly people.


As a bonus, we’ve got a quiz for you! Some questions will be linked to this article, others may be estimated or will require you to come to the shop to get the right answer! The first five people to answer correctly will receive a small birthday gift as a token of appreciation. Take the quiz at the bottom of this page. Have fun! 🥳

ALBUM Think Twice in numbers:

  • It was born on July 27, 2022, after Nathalie Meier’s decision to change careers after 31 years in the finance sector to pursue her first project, a project that is dear to her heart. She was able to realize this dream with the precious help of Christianne, her friend, “business angel,” and guide.
  • Over 153 regular depositors have enriched our store by entrusting us with their hidden treasures. Since our inception, we have labelled, cared for, and valued over 2400 items!
  • We organized 2 unforgettable fashion shows, showcasing diversity with 7 models representing age ranges from 15 to 75, illustrating that beauty knows no age or size.
  • An exciting reading captivated our audience.
  • An exhibition opening showcased inspiring artworks.
  • We established five exceptional local collaborations: Atelier Coupe et Couleur, Parfumerie April, and Opticien Clement & Grassini were our partners for the fashion shows, and we also decided to have a joint terrace with our neighbor, Café Gymnase. Not to mention that we have just decided to serve the delicious coffee from the recently opened BizCafé, located in the center of Am Duerf.
  • We are delighted to collaborate with three excellent national partners Niessen, our preferred supplier for delicious dishes, Chocolate House cakes served on beautiful plates and cups by Claire Royer, as well as jewellery by young designer Charlotte Kroon and high-quality leather jewellery by Sandrine.
  • We primarily collaborate with numerous regional partners such as Bobone, Gimber, Langka, to name a few, and we continue to carefully select products from local and regional producers. Even our cola will no longer come from abroad, certainly not from overseas.

But above all, we focus on human relationships…

We are delighted with the beautiful friendship and trusting relationship we have with our guardian angel of the store, Djamila. She always welcomes you with a big smile and personalized advice. She embodies our concept perfectly, sharing the same values and beliefs. Passionate about naturopathy and well-being in general, she is an interesting, pleasant, and valuable conversational partner. Like Nathalie, she is eager for change and represents an example of open-mindedness and flexibility. Thanks to her overflowing creativity, the store constantly embodies a dynamic spirit and a constant variety. Every passing day, it renews itself, continuously transforming. At Album, ideas come to life quickly, without hesitation or complications, and most importantly, without ego. It doesn’t matter if the idea originated from Djamila, Nathalie, or Christianne.

We are proud of everything we have accomplished in the past year, and we look forward to what the future holds.

Thank you to all our customers, partners, and friends who have made this adventure possible.

We are excited to see you soon and share this memorable day with you!

Here comes the quiz:

ALBUM greatly benefits from the skills showcased in Nathalie’s second project, Dynergie. This communication and content management company, specialized in creating clusters, seeking synergies, collaborations, and expanding into new markets and clients, brings exceptional added value to our business. Thanks to Dynergie, ALBUM has been able to establish strategic partnerships, strengthen our presence in the market (both physical and digital), and reach a wider audience. Their expertise in creating synergies and exploring new opportunities has contributed to our success and ongoing growth.

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