One year. A review.

On July 27, a year ago, ALBUM Think Twice boutique opened its doors in Dudelange.

In our universe, where nothing is left to chance, aesthetics play as important a role as the eco-responsibility of our selection, our bookstore corner, as well as the healthy food and drinks, and above all, the ambiance where you can create, relax, and rejuvenate.

Why go to Paris when you can come to Dudelange?

ALBUM is a boutique that brought renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louboutin, Barbara Bui, Céline, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Longchamps, and many others to Dudelange.

They represent about 70-80% of our assortment – sometimes more, sometimes less. This range is complemented by items for smaller budgets. Brands like Cos, Cop Copine, Caroline Biss, or La Fee Maraboutée, to name a few, hang alongside the big names without any hindrance, showcasing all their advantages so that everyone can find something they love. There’s no need to fear coming in, as there’s something for everyone and every budget.

Tact and Sensibility

At ALBUM, we constantly strive to keep our space impeccably organized, minimalist, and inviting, so our customers can immerse themselves in our selection without any distraction. We want each visit to be a true discovery, where the quality of our products shines brightly, and the “second-hand” aspect fades into the exceptional variety we offer.

We prioritize quality over quantity, as we believe a single high-quality item can hold more value and meaning than a multitude of soulless items. On one hand, we aim to cater to our customers’ desires by offering unique items that can’t be found elsewhere. We understand that our customers would rather not find the same items they’ve seen at our competitors’ stores a few months or years ago. On the other hand, we are also mindful of ethical competition. We never seek to create unfair competition by offering items at significantly lower prices. At ALBUM, selection is our top priority. We take pride in working diligently, constantly exploring our secret reserve of hidden treasures. We strive to maintain a perfect balance in the boutique, hiding unique items to pleasantly surprise our customers during their visit. This discipline also leads us to say NO to certain items, even if we had accepted them a few months ago. We firmly believe in the importance of preserving the quality and uniqueness of our offerings, ensuring that each item presented is an assured favourite for our customers. It’s our strategy to adapt to an ever-evolving demand… … and to maintain balance in the boutique by avoiding clutter.

This balance is extremely valuable for your shopping experience and for our survival.

Local and Regional Synergies

We are fully committed to working with local, regional, and artisanal collaborations.

Our collaborations include:

Niessen caterer, delighting you with delicious balanced meals prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. Chocolate House treats you with irresistible gourmet delights. A perfect combination to satisfy all your culinary cravings! Our best-seller: the Gimber carafe, especially popular right now, especially during summer. In winter, we pamper you with a long combination of Panda Tea with or without a shot of Gimber, good coffee, or hot chocolate.

A unique terrace, in collaboration with the neighboring Gymnase café.

Our fashion show, in collaboration with Atelier Coupe et Couleur hairdresser, Parfumerie April, Clement&Grassini Optics, and soon with Quaring Optics.

Our coffee, recently purchased from a local coffee expert.

Luxembourgish cola and lemonades.

Bobone skincare products, made right here in the Ardennes, completely free of chemical additives. Or, in their words: “no fuss and no frills.” The Langka candles, made from natural ingredients and offering an intelligent and eco-responsible recharge system, also come from the Ardennes.

Do You Notice?

We are particularly proud of the absence of major brands in our assortment and firmly distancing ourselves from the consequences related to mass production, whether social, ecological, or economic. We diligently favor small, creative, and committed entrepreneurs who share our values, to create an environment based on these shared values.

The greatest strength of ALBUM lies in our commitment to creating local and regional synergies. Our list of beautiful collaborations continues to grow, depending on the increasing demand.

Time off !

Until now, we haven’t taken much time off. Over the past exciting year, almost without interruption, we have been learning, experimenting, eliminating, adding, replacing, and continuously improving our work. We have never tired of working on the decor and ambiance in the boutique. When people enter the boutique and say they feel enchanted by positive energy… … that’s the most beautiful compliment they can give us. Now, the time has come: from August 7th to 21st, to 21st, we will take a well-deserved two-week break. Afterward, we look forward to organizing our upcoming events, new collections, and many other ideas. One more week at full speed, then… our well-deserved break in the hammock, at the beach, in the garden, in the forest, or in the orchard…

Thank you very much for accompanying us throughout this exciting year and contributing to the success of ALBUM.

Nathalie, Djamila

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