Modus operandi

Pre-loved Fashion & Design

ALBUM is a boutique where you can bring your most valued designer clothes and accessories to be sold and valued a second time, so to make space at home. Our customers are so happy to discover your valued items at an attractive price. This is how we believe that we all can contribute to reduce unnecessary overconsumption of items that, more often than not, reach us from the other side of the globe at an enormous cost – for us, our environment and the people who are exploited with this type of economy. Without having to miss being stylish and beautiful.

So that everyone gets something out of it (win-win-win) there are some rules of the game:

  • We accept high-value clothes, accessories and jewelery.
  • The items are all in good condition. WOW = new, GOOD = excellent condition OK = good condition.
  • The items must be clean and well-preserved, as we will not clean or mend them.
  • In the case of the brands that are most frequently counterfeited, such as Hermès, Gucci, Louis-Vuitton, Chanel … For the brands that are most often counterfeited, such as Hermesm, we sometimes have to be stricter and may ask for an invoice or certificate of authenticity.
  • We do not buy, we only accept deposits. Your margin depends on whether you wish to be paid via a bank transfer or via a purchase-coupon in our ALBUM store.
  • Each depositor receives a personal number, which is noted on the back of the label. The depositor who drops an item in the store provides us with his contact details (address, email, telephone number) such as his account number so that we can transfer the product from the sale to him.

Here is the form that you can download in order to prepare your appointment for your deposit.

Check it out:

WOW (new item) Good (very good condition) OK (good condition)
70% 60% 50%

Depositors part:

Voucher 60%
Bank transfer 50%

General Conditions


For maximum diversity in the shop, the number of articles admitted for an entry date is limited to 10 articles. ALBUM presents the articles to facilitate the sale. However, as this is a sale between two private individuals, ALBUM cannot be held responsible in the event of non-conformity. The articles placed on deposit are clean, intact and neat. ALBUM does not repair or clean the items and does not, in principle, take shoes. The articles shall be entrusted to ALBUM for a period extending, as a rule, to a minimum of three and a maximum of six months after deposit in the shop. To promote sales, ALBUM reserves the right to adjust the selling price by plus or minus 20% of the fixed amount and to rotate the article in the shop. For more substantial price adjustments, ALBUM will contact the depositor. The split of the sales price is 50:50. The split of the final price of sale is 50:50. The payment of the sold articles will be made either by voucher to Album or by bank transfer, at the latest at the end of the deposit.


The depositor will be informed by e-mail about the preparation of his returns. To make it a pleasant experience, an early return, on the initiative of the depositor, will only be made based on an appointment.

Any deposit with ALBUM Think-Twice implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions. We are always delighted to be of a maximum of service, which also requires a certain set of rules that you will find here:

Food, Chill, Books


In our boutique, you will find books that matter: with contents that are thought-provoking and go beyond simple entertainment value. They can be read on the spot, that’s what they are there for. If you want to finish reading them at home, you can borrow the ALBUM-stamped books for a short time. If, however, you want to keep them, you may—of course—buy them.


Our dishes are either self-prepared or come from suppliers who focus on sustainability, organic, local and seasonal criteria and adhere to them as much as possible.


All around the boutique, there are islands where you can relax with a snack or drinks, read a book, discuss with your friends, or work. Ask for the Wi-Fi Code at the Reception, if needed.