Street sale meets mothers’ day

Hi there!

We are delighted to announce that next Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, ALBUM Think-Twice will have two wonderful surprises in store for you:

Firstly, you will have the opportunity to meet the talented jewelry designer, Charlotte Kroon. She will be there to share her story, creative journey, and showcase her new creations that are brimming with originality and personality. Get ready to be charmed by this extraordinary woman. You can see her on the right side of the photo, along with her sister Laurène, who takes care of the entrepreneurial aspect of their brand.

But that’s not all! We have also prepared a contest with our favorite fashion show hairstylist, Alain from Atelier Coupe et Couleur salon. How to participate? It’s super simple! When you make your purchases, you will receive a beautiful postcard that you can fill out with your address. We will stamp it to certify that you made a purchase with us, and then you can drop your postcard into the urn in front of the hair salon. The salon’s clients will do the same: they put the postcard they filled in at Alain’s place and that he stamped, in OUR box. If you are selected in the draw, we will send you the exact postcard to the address you provided, informing you that you have won and inviting you to come collect your gift.

Lastly, come and enjoy this shopping day to explore our numerous gift ideas inside the boutique: enchanting scented candles, skincare products for the body and face, accessories, and our famous fans with a story that we absolutely love… All of this, of course, in an eco-friendly spirit that combines pleasure and well-being. And don’t forget to send our free postcard to your mom to wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day.

We hope to see many of you to find the perfect gift and have a joyful and discovery-filled time with us.

We look forward to chat, laugh and have some fun with you!

Nathalie & Djamila

Here you can visit our partners and their gift ideas:

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