ALBUM – Think Twice

The place to be

ALBUM – Think-Twice is the second-hand section of our concept store, ALBUM & Papillons, providing a unique shopping and relaxing experience.

Our passion is to give a second life to clothing and accessories by curating high-quality pieces to showcase within our community.

Quality. Selection. Service.

Expect a unique experience and an exceptional hospitality.

Meet the visionaries

Nathalie Meier

It all started in 2022, with a simple yet powerful belief: creativity, communication and courage have the power to change the world.

After 31 years of a successful career in the financial district, it was time for a new venture. Observing that the world of commerce struggles to compete with large global groups offering an unlimited selection at extremely low prices—often due to their ability to avoid certain costs—I saw an opportunity to create something different. My vision is a shopping experience rooted in values, responsibility, the circular economy, and—above all—a human touch.

I am the founder of ALBUM – Think-Twice, a unique space that combines a pre-loved second-hand store with a place to eat, drink, relax, read, and enjoy a delicious coffee or tea. It also serves as a vibrant networking hub.

This is the first of many projects initiated by my second company, Dynergie, dedicated to helping communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals enhance their communication, service, and sales skills.

Katia Kouici

Even though her shop was focused on new items and not second-hand, I felt attracted to it at first sight. Meeting her was easy and the most natural thing to happen.

Katia’s shop exuded warmth and creativity, with its lovingly curated selection of items aimed at keeping kids happy – and educated. This resonated deeply with my values. After just two years, we decided to join forces, illustrating the power of synergy often captured by the equation: 1+1=3.

I had the available space, while Katia’s perfect fit selection for kids seamlessly complemented the existing offerings. To us, it is a perfect match.

Katia is also a multifaceted entrepreneur. Alongside her passion for creating a physical kid’s corner in our family concept store, she operates a B2B business dedicated to supporting daycare and preschool institutions in their various educational projects by providing sustainable games and toys.

Our boutique is more than just a shop.

It is a concept store based on our deeply routed values as human beings.

We’re not just here to sell products; we’re here to listen, to understand, and to evolve. Constantly adapting, we seize every opportunity for change, ensuring that our offerings resonate with our clients on a profound level.

Album & Papillons embraces our vision. The result is nothing short of miraculous.

Nathalie & Katia, Founders of ALBUM & Papillons

ALBUM – Think-Twice and “Les Coffres à Papillons”, in 2024 become one : ALBUM & Papillons

You want to know how the second-hand part works?

Then you might find your answers here:

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

– J.F. Kennedy