Once upon a time … 

Once upon a time, in the industrial south of Luxembourg, there lived a spirited young girl. She came from a hard-working, down-to-earth family, where her parents, while juggling the demands of life, instilled values of rigour and discipline. 

Her heart found its greatest joy in the company of her loyal German Shepherd, Cora, as they ventured deep into the woods. There, amidst the whispering trees, she transformed a forgotten garden shed into a mystical retreat adorned with rescued treasures: posters, candles, and carpets, all given a second chance at beauty. The shed’s elusive owner seemed unfazed by Nathalie’s decorative obsession, allowing her to freely weave her magic. She cannot recount all the hours she and Cora spent there, reading, talking, thinking. 

It was her dear grandmother who became her guiding light. Under her gentle guidance, the girl was introduced to what some might call ‘traditional female activities’: cooking, cleaning, gardening, sewing – skills passed down through generations. But in the midst of these chores, her grandmother also nourished her imagination, encouraging hours of play, daydreaming, drawing, and dancing to the enchanting melodies of an ancient radio in the corner shelf of her cosy kitchen. 

As she entered the world of formal education, the young girl yearned to excel, aiming to please her parents, especially her stern father. Her uniqueness made her an outlier, leading to only a couple of close friends, her loyal dog and the world of books. 

Upon completing her baccalaureate, her parents, adhering to societal norms, sent her into the workforce. In their eyes, university was a place for the elites and foremost the boys, whereas girls were expected to seek husbands and settle into domestic bliss. 

However, life had other plans for this girl.

Her banking career began, a profession seemingly distant from her colourful world of curiosity, creativity, love for animals, and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. The demands of her brain, finding reason in mathematics, logic, understanding, languages and communication, eclipsed the profound desires of her soul. The first two employers in the financial district recognized the girl’s potential, each financing her university and post-university studies, which she successfully pursued alongside her job. 

As years flew by in the fast-paced financial sector, driven by her training, her life became a whirlwind of work, rigorous sport sessions, relentless parties and superficial and numbing over consumerism – until 2020 arrived. The world was halted by the unforeseen politics around Covid-19. The office was replaced by home, training ceased, and parties dwindled, leaving her with ample time to reflect.

In the quietude of her new reality, with a loving husband and her beloved cats, the not-so-young-anymore woman she had become, pondered the true purpose of her lifelong pursuit – a question she had never found time to ask. 

She dreamed of opening (and—of course—decorating) a store, one founded on principles of eco-responsibility: a place for second-hand fashion and accessories, regional delicacies, enriching books, invigorating coffee, meaningful conversations, and precious networking – a place of positive vibes.

And then, the opportunity manifested. In a quaint southern town not far from her birthplace, she and her best friend discovered the perfect space to transform her dream into reality. With unwavering determination, she bid farewell to her secure and well-paid job and embarked on a new journey of the unknown, fortified by her unwavering belief in her ability to absorb knowledge as swiftly as a parched sponge soaks up rain.

A visit to her store “ALBUM—Think Twice” is a journey into her heart, her soul, her sleepless nights, her hopes, and her fears. It’s an entry into an unconventional realm where the air resonates with the spirit of someone who has reunited heart and spirit. 

Today, this girl invites you to experience her journey, where the vibrant tapestry of life’s twists and turns has led her to a place of purpose and passion. Album is more than a store; it’s an embodiment of her unwavering spirit and a testament to the magic that happens when heart and soul align.

The story of that girl, in fact, is my story, a story of evolution and transformation – from a successful career in finance to the pursuit of a heartfelt dream, empowered by everything I have to offer. I believe – and I receive proof every single day – that the universe I’ve crafted is precisely what people yearn for in this contemporary landscape; it’s a novel paradigm of “shopping” – a journey of the soul. 

With my all-encompassing endeavour, Dynergie, I am excited to share my extensive knowledge and boundless energy to empower individuals traversing the dynamic path to success. Anyone who has collaborated with me understands this fundamental truth: your (realistic) goals become my mission, and I persist relentlessly until every component of the journey basks in the full spectrum of accomplishment and success.

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