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ALBUM Think Twice is the ultimate destination in Luxembourg where you can embrace the current trend of second-hand shopping. Bring your high-quality clothes/accessories, make space, do something for the environment, and enjoy a good coffee/tea in a pleasant atmosphere while we take care of your deposit.



We want a deposit at ALBUM Think Twice to be a pleasant experience.

A deliciouss tea or coffee with a treat, a smile, relaxing music, good vibes... all made possible by working exclusively by appointment.

General Conditions

ALBUM Think Twice is a second-hand boutique that carefully selects items from depositors and presents them in the store with regular rotation to facilitate sales.

To ensure a diverse shopping experience and maximize the chances of selling items, we reserve the right to use the stockroom, which is not directly accessible for in-store sales.
Your trust in our approach is essential.

We are committed to enhancing your items while creating an exceptional shopping experience. This includes our strategy of rotating the clothing selection in-store, considering weather conditions, current demand, promotions, E-shop …

As it is a trade between private individuals, ALBUM cannot be held responsible for non-compliance. Items deposited for consignment must be clean, intact, and well-maintained.

ALBUM generally does not perform repairs or cleaning of items and usually does not accept shoes.

We thank for your understanding that items sold and departed from the ALBUM boutique cannot be exchanged or refunded.


To ensure your visit with us is as enjoyable as possible, we’ve adopted the practice of scheduling appointments for your deposits.

To ensure an extensive variety of styles and sizes in our boutique, deposits are typically restricted to a maximum of 10 items. Items are entrusted to ALBUM for a period of three months after they are deposited in the store. The end date of the consignment is indicated on the deposit slip.

Pricing policy

Thi simulation at the bottom of this page serves as a general orientation but not as a guarantee for fixing prices in the boutique.

To promote sales, ALBUM reserves the right to adjust the selling prices. ALBUM also reserves the right to offer items, which are still in the deposit or even beyond, with additional discounts during sales events, on our webshop, or at clearance sales. If you, as a depositor, wish to set a minimum price for your items, please specify it on the deposit slip.

The distribution of the sales price is: 50% for the depositor and 50% for the ALBUM in the case of a transfer, and 60% for the depositor and 40% for ALBUM in the case of a purchase voucher.

For items sold for over 700 EUR, the distribution is 60% for the depositor and 40% for ALBUM, and for selling prices over 2500 EUR, it is 70%-30%.”

The payment for the sold items is either made in the form of a purchase voucher in our store or through a transfer at the end of the deposit, at the moment when you collect your unsold items.

End of Deposit

A deposit at ALBUM Think Twice is limited to a period of three months. The maturity date of the deposit is indicated on the deposit form. Additionally, our depositors are notified via email about the end of their deposit. If no response is received within 3 months following this message, we will consider that the depositor agrees generously to donate the unsold items to a charitable organization or as gifts to specific individuals in need. Please make sure to provide us with the correct email address when depositing. – another reason why we have implemented the principle of appointments: by providing your email address on our site, you are included in our database, ensuring that you can be informed by us, either through newsletters or directly via email.

Price simulation as a reference for items up to 700 EUR.

WOW (new item) Good (very good condition) OK (good condition)
60% 50% 40%
Voucher 60%
Bank transfer 50%